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(2019). An investigation of Australian midwifery curricula for obesity management and health behaviour change training. Nurse Education in Practice.


(2019). Mitigation system threat partially mediates the effects of right‐wing ideologies on climate change beliefs. Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

Preprint Project

(2019). Efficacy of psychotherapy for bulimia nervosa and binge‐eating disorder on self‐esteem improvement: Meta‐analysis. European Eating Disorders Review.


(2018). Political Partisanship and Responses to Sexual Harassment Allegations against Politicians. Pre-print.

Preprint Project

(2018). student midwives’ intention to deliver weight management interventions: a Theory of Planned Behaviour & Self-Determination Theory approach. Nurse Education Today.




I make weird things that I find tangentially helpful to my workflow. They may or may not be helpful to yours


I am Stream Leader for Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis within the School of Psychology Data Science Unit. In this capacity I consult on research syntheses conducted within the School and by external researchers.

Misinformation Lab

I conduct research on misinformation and false beliefs as a predictor of engagement in prosocial behaviours


I teach into the follows units at Deakin University

  • HPS104 Foundations of Psychological Science
  • HBS110 Health Behaviour
  • HPS301/781 Research Methods in Psychology B
  • HPS911 Advanced Research Methods


Best Practice in Systematic Review

  • Melbourne, February 26th 2018
  • Melbourne, July 2nd 2018
  • Melbourne, October 29th, 2018

Conducting Meta-Analysis in R: A Practical Introduction

  • Melbourne, July 3rd 2018
  • Melbourne, October 29th, 2018

Meta-Analysis in Health & Medicine

  • Melbourne, March 9th 2018