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(2018). student midwives’ intention to deliver weight management interventions: a Theory of Planned Behaviour & Self-Determination Theory approach. Nurse Education Today.


(2018). Couple relationship quality and offspring attachment security: a systematic review with meta-analysis. Attachment & Human Development.

Project Journal

(2018). Perceived Mitigation Threat Mediates Effects of Right-Wing Ideology on Climate Change Beliefs. preprint.

Preprint Project

(2017). Does the theory of planned behaviour explain condom use behaviour among men who have sex with men? a meta-analytic review of the literature. AIDS and Behavior.


(2017). Self-regulation and the intention behaviour gap. Exploring dietary behaviours in university students. Appetite.



I make weird things that I find tangentially helpful to my workflow. They may or may not be helpful to yours


I am Stream Leader for Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis within the School of Psychology Data Science Unit. In this capacity I consult on research syntheses conducted within the School and by external researchers.

Misinformation Lab

I conduct research on misinformation and false beliefs as a predictor of engagement in prosocial behaviours


I teach into the follows units at Deakin University

  • HPS104 Foundations of Psychological Science
  • HBS110 Health Behaviour
  • HPS301/781 Research Methods in Psychology B
  • HPS911 Advanced Research Methods


Best Practice in Systematic Review

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Conducting Meta-Analysis in R: A Practical Introduction

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Meta-Analysis in Health & Medicine

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